This Thing Called College

Some of you might be wondering where I have disappeared to lately. Well, it’s this little big thing called college! I am at the end of my 3rd week at college! While I am loving it, and embracing the the new experience, it is quite overwhelming. I have 8 classes, homework for all those classes, my new wonderful friends, and I’m in a small theatre production this semester. Oh! Did I mention that I made the swim team at my school?!?! Add two-a-days onto everything else, and you can imagine how this little blog gets pushed back into a corner for a time being. I really working on balancing everything out!

Well, now that you are all up to date lets see how my days here really go!

5:30 AM
I woke up, wrestled with my swimsuit, spent some time with Jesus, and fueled up for morning practice with a Belvita Soft Bake.

The mixed berry flavor really reminded me of a nutrigrain bar.

6:15 AM
Morning workout with the swim team. It was intense! We started with a 45 minute Insanity video, followed by a 15 minute coo down in the pool.

7:30 AM
Run into my dorm room, shower, change, and eat a quick breakfast!

Kashi Heart to Heart with a pear Chobani…..not crazy about this flavor!

And some dried mango! The mango love continues even at college!

8:10 AM
I grab my backpack and am out the door once again! First class Survey of Movement at 8:20.

Skip ahead to 11:50

A salad made with tuna, cashews, chow mien noodles, and carrots.

Now it’s time for Philosophy class….
This class is hard for me and makes my brain hurt!

Study, study, study….

No matter how much studying you accomplish, there is always more to study!

Dinner… picture, no time for that!

Swim practice! It’s getting easier for me, and in starting to remember a lot of technique!

Rehearsal for a student written play that I was cast in!

The actual performance is tonight, and I’m so excited at how it turned out! It’s going to be great!

And from then on I will probably fit in more studying, maybe some ice cream eating, and hopefully going to bed at a decent hour! So there you have it! I glimpse of my days at college! Hope everyone has a super day!


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