WIAW: A Day Late

Hey! It’s WIAW, but just a day late. So….I guess you could call it What I Ate Thursday?



Breakfast (7:30):

Breakfast was a blueberry Chobani with Cascadian Farm granola and half a banana. Ana a piece of whole wheat toast with a little pb.



Mid-morning Snack (10:00 am) :

After I got out of my Spanish class, I had an hour before New Testament so I headed back over to my dorm and cut up a kiwi.


I had hoped this would at least hold me over until lunch, but by the time my last class got out  I was hungry!

Lunch (12:30 pm) :

We decided to dodge the super long lines in the caf today, and instead went to the convenience store on campus to use a meal exchange.

I decided on a Cobb Salad(which was better than I was expecting), an apple, and bottled water.



It was a healthy, filling lunch. I think I’ll start taking more advantage of the meal exchange.

Workout (1:30 pm) :

After I let my food settle for a little while I decided to get a run in for the day. I completed a little over 4 miles on the treadmill. It had been almost a week since I had actually run, and I felt it. It took more about 3 miles into the run to actually start enjoying it.

Afternoon Snack (2:30 pm) :

After I showered I refueled with a Clif Kit’s Organic fruit & nut bar.



The chocolate almond coconut flavor was great, and also super filling.

Dinner (5:30 pm) :

I don’t expect much when I walk into our caf for a meal. The food is either mediocre or not worth touching. However, tonight was actually really good. At the create-your-own station was brisket tacos. I had two tacos filled with rice, beans, brisket, mushrooms, bell peppers, cheese, and salsa. I really enjoyed this dinner.




Dessert (8:00 pm):

Before heading to Wednesday night church I polished off the rest of my Blue Bunny Sweet freedom Bunny Tracks ice cream.



And there you have it. My Wednesday eats!

Now I’m about to trek to class in the snow. Not really a fan of this weather. Where are you Spring?



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