Hello blog world! My name is Katie and I’m a High School senior counting down the days to graduation! I am home-schooled, but still have the same amount of homework as everyone else, and I take classes at the local community college! Texas is my home, but I love to travel. Especially to different countries! So far I have only been to Peru, but I am planning on taking a trip to China within the next year.

About Fitness:
I have always been active in some kind of sport(even if I was awful at it)! I played soccer when I was little, and played a season of basketball, and loved playing softball for a few years with my old school. However, my real love is swimming! I was a competitive swimmer for three years, until the whole competitiveness of the sport became to much. I was swimming for a club, among team mates whose dreams were to win an olympic gold medal, but I was just there to have fun. I finally realized that 8 practices a week were not worth the sacrifice if I didn’t have long term goals for competing. I stopped swimming a year and a half ago, but swim laps at my gym when I find the time(and motivation to get in the cold water in the winter!) I exercise 6 days a week now, and I recently discovered my love for running! I hope to accomplish a half-marathon in the next year or so. I may sound crazy, but love to exercise!

Food may be something that I have always struggled with. In my elementary days and early middle school, I didnt care what I put in my mouth. Food was good, and I ate. But there were people in my life that would make comments about my eating habits and would make me feel self-conscious about my body. Towards the end of middle school and beginning of high school I struggled with body image issues. I got down to a very unhealthy weight, until the past two years, and everything just clicked! I was tired of being so low on energy that I couldn’t enjoy time with friends and family. It wasn’t worth it anymore. I have decided that I want to be healthy… eat right an exercise properly. I won’t lie and say hat I don’t still struggle with these thoughts sometimes, but I have a better understanding of what “healthy” is.
Today I love peanut butter and ice cream. I love to cook dinners for my family and bake goodies for friends and family. I keep saying that if I wasn’t planning to go to nursing school, I would go to culinary school and be on Chopped and all the other Food network competitions!

love my family. hey are my biggest supporters and always there for me. We may not always get along(just like any family), but we love each other. I am the oldest of four kids. I have two brothers, Jon and Kevin, and a sister, Michaela. We have our rivalries and those days where all we do is bicker, but, in the end, we care about each other and have fun we are together! I have two awesome parents who have supported me in everything I do, whether I succeeded or failed. They mean so such to me!

About the blog:

I created this blog to show the adventures of my daily life. I will keep and exercise and food journal on here since this is a healthy living blog  for food and fitness. I get my inspiration from the tons of other blogs i read, and I am still learning all the ropes, but I hope it improves in time! Thanks for reading!



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