Guest Post: Keeping up with your Fitness Plan

Keeping up with your Fitness Plan


 As we’re nearing the end of January, some people who promised themselves a New Year’s resolution of fitness and well-being have begun to lose their desire in attaining these goals. Fitness goals, in particular, are one of the most common goals that usually go down the drain and left unaccomplished due to lack of motivation and improper planning. It’s important to make sure that you’re physically and mentally prepared for whatever type of fitness program you take on. Here are several tips that are proven effective in keeping you motivated throughout your fitness journey:


Write down your goals

Writing down your fitness goals and posting them in an area where you can see them every day is a great way to maintain your motivation. Make sure that these goals are realistic, specific and attainable for continuous progress.  This tactic will also limit the possibilities of lapses. It is recommended to break down goals into smaller tasks, which can be achieved in a day or a week. This will allow you to adjust physically and mentally to any changes in your exercise program. Additionally, categorizing the goals as short-term and long-term can help you stay focused on one specific goal at a time.


Log your workouts online

Keeping a log of your workouts and accomplishments online is also a great way to motivate yourself in keeping up with your fitness plan. There are many fitness apps available online that can help track your progress, and allow you to share it with your friends online. Having those who can see your progress and who can keep you accountable will only yield you positive results. Posting before and after pictures online can also help to keep you stay driven in achieving your fitness goals.


Vary your workout

Monotonous exercise, like long sessions on the treadmill, can be brutally boring, especially if you’re doing it for a long time.  Having a variety of exercises can help you stay motivated, especially if you set different goals for each one. Mix up your routine with aerobics, running, boxing and dancing. Trying out different sports can also be counted towards your health and fitness regimen.


Consider working with a personal fitness coach

Having a personal trainer can encourage you to keep up with your fitness goals. They can provide you professional tips and plans for faster and better results. Inquire about available trainers with your local gym or fitness center, and ask them about personal training packages, which can be an added cost on top of your membership fee. Word-of-mouth is also a good way to find a trainer, since you’ll be able to hear feedback from those who have first hand experience with them. You can also check the yellow pages or online forums where trainers usually advertise their services.


Make friends with class regulars

Try to join group exercises where you can meet and make friends with other regulars. Having friends that have the same fitness goals as you do can help keep you inspired and motivated. The guilt factor your fitness friends can impose can be highly motivating as well, especially if you feel like bailing out.


Invite a friend or buddy

Having someone to remind you when you’re slacking off at the gym is another way to keep you on track with your fitness goals. It also keeps you from having second thoughts, knowing that someone is also dependent on your choices. Try to choose an exercise or any physical activity that you’ll both enjoy, where you can both provide mutual support and encouragement, especially if the one is about to give up. A friendly competition with a reward you both aspire for is also an excellent way to boost motivation. Having someone to share your frustrations and triumphs can be very rewarding.


Track what you eat

There are many apps today that are useful when it comes to tracking calories in food. Make use of these apps and start monitoring your daily food intake so you can plan ahead in case you need to lose extra calories. It will also allow you to tweak your diet so that you’ll be able to enjoy foods that you love without ruining your fitness goals. Always include fruits and vegetables in your daily diet because they are low in calories and filling as well. Consult a registered dietitian if necessary, since they can provide professional health advice and smart food choices.






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