New Job

Looks like a forgot about my blog this past week! Oops!

Anyway, today seemed to be a busy Sunday, with a few exciting things happening!

I started out with some Quaker  Low Sugar Maple & Brown Sugar oatmeal with MaraNatha almond butter and grapefruit for breakfast.

DSC_1193 DSC_1194


And coffee.



We went to the 9:30 service at church this morning, and we went to college group afterward. After church, we were all really excited for IHop.

I ordered the Simple & Fit 2-egg Breakfast. It came with scrambled egg substitute, 2 slices of turkey bacon, dry wheat toast, and a side of seasonal fruit. I really like the Simple & Fit options at Ihop. I have tried several different items from this portion of the menu, and have not been disappointed.



After lunch we headed back to campus, and I got ready for a job interview! I have been looking for a job since we returned to school, and I recently was scheduled an interview to be a server at a local restaurant. I was really excited, but also extremely nervous at the same time. One of my best friends put together my interview attire today. I think she did a nice job, don’t you?



And……..I GOT THE JOB!! I start training in the coming week. I’m am truly looking forward to yet another new adventure in my life!

After I returned from the interview, I had some apple slices.



I then decided to round out a productive day with a short workout. I jumped on the elliptical for a short 30 minutes, and completed a mile within that time span.

I was still really hungry after my workout so I made the best version of a quesadilla when all you have is a microwave.



I used a whole wheat Mission Tortilla, and a Weight Watchers pepper jack cheese stick. It was decent. I also had another cheese stick on the side.



A while later, I met up with my friends in the caf. I made a simple salad at our salad bar. It contained romaine, grape tomatoes, carrots, olives, shredded cheese, red & green bell peppers, croutons, and Italian dressing.




I also couldn’t resist grabbing a few fries to have with my salad. Everything in moderation!



Now we are sitting down to a game of Quelf(has anyone else played this? SO MUCH FUN!), and planning on watching She’s the Man. Talk to ya’ll later!