I drank a Zebra

How is the New Year going so far? I’m still enjoying the beginning of 2014 with my friends before heading back to school.
We woke up late this morning, and after getting ready we sat down for brunch of homemade French toast.

I topped mine with banana slices and maple syrup. We also rounded out breakfast with some hot chocolate.

Later on we headed to my friends favorite coffee shop outside of town. She highly recommended that I try a Frozen Zebra.

It’s like a frappecino with dark and white chocolate swirls. It was really good, but overly sweet.
We spent a few hours at the coffee shop reading. I know, we are kinda boring.

I started reading Divergent. I’m not that into it yet, but I’m promised it gets better. I guess we will see!

We returned to my friends house, and decided to watch New Years Eve since we never got around to it on the actual day. It was a cute movie, and we indulged in some Cowboy Bark from Trader Joe’s.

Later on, we went to a football party to watch the OU and Alabama game. I’m not big on watching football, but our BBQ dinner was great!

The name of the BBQ joint slips my mind, but I had a BBQ salad with chopped brisket. It was really good, and filled me up.
Now I’m exhausted, and ready to get some sleep. I’ll talk to y’all tomorrow! Good night!


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