Back on the Road

We were back on the road by 8:00 this morning. Before heading out, I got up and completed a Nike Training Club workout!

This is a great app for when you are traveling, ad it really gets your heart pumping!

Afterward, I got ready for the day, and headed over to the continental breakfast provided by the hotel.

There were notably options, so I settled for Raisin Bran, a banana, 2% milk, and some coffee.

What seemed like several hours later, everyone was very ready for lunch! We found a Subway about 1/3 into the day’s drive.

I ordered a 6-inch on honey wheat with turkey, mustard, and all the veggies.

The hours were just dragging on today! I felt as if we were never going to get here! After reading several chapters of Mockingjay and a few rounds of Taboo….I napped and ate a Trader Joe’s Pumpkin Bar.

I slept until we reached Orlando. It was definitely dinner time by the time we checked into our hotel. We walked to a Cicis Pizza across the street.


I had some salad, pizza, and more pizza! Why does traveling make you soo hungry?
Anyway, after dinner we headed over to Downtown Disney and walked around.
Now it’s time for a good nights sleep before heading to the parks tomorrow!



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