Where has the time gone?






Good Morning! Where has all this time gone? it feels like just yesterday I was moving into my college dorm room!  hate that I havn’t been available to spend time on the blog, but I’ve just been soooooo busy! It’s crazy! But I’m loving college. I’ve made a fantastc group of friends, and have made so many fun memories already! So lets pick up wth today, shall we?

Ths morning I was up bright and early to make my friends cinnamon rolls. They had been asking me for a few days, so when my roommate bought a can of them, and decided to give in. While those cooked..I did this little ab workout. I’ve got swim practice tonight, but I wanted a little something to wake me up.

The cinnamon rolls turned out great. I miss being able to cook everyday like  could back home. A few of my friends joined me in the kitchen for am early morning breakfast date.



I wasn’t really in the mood for cinnamon rolls, so I made my own healthy  breakfast whle spending tme wth my friends.



Two slices of whole grain bread with 1 Tbs. crunchy peanut butter, and a sliced banana. I have found that it is not as difficult to eat healthy in college if you make a little extra effort! And yes, I’m in college and eating off ZooPals! Who says you have to completly grow up?

I’m about to head out to my first class this morning which is Care & Prevention of Athletic Injury. We are learning how to properly tape an ankle today. I love working hands on, and not just readng from the book or listening to the professor lecture. This kind of learning keeps my attention much longer! I hope everyone else has a wonderful Thursday morning!


“Your old sinful self has died, and your new life is kept with Christ in God.” – Colossians 3:3


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