That’s My Brother

Well hello there! We are almost throught the first week of August. Time really is flying by! I leave for college in just a little over a week, so things are getting pretty crazy around here! 

One recent event I wanted to share with you all is a fun family day from this past Sunday. My little brother, Jon, happens to be in a band called Fallen Risen. He plays the guitar (or bass?, I know nothing about music or instruments!).



On Sunday, they competed for the first time in Battle of the Bands. The competition took place in an old bar (not excatly my comfort zone).





My family and I spent the majority of the day in Downtown Dallas listening to different bands searching for their claim to fame. They were going to be the last band of the evening, so after listening to a couple other bands, we decided to go grab a bite to eat.

We found our way to Twisted Root Burger Company. Twisted Root is a local burger joint famous for some wacky burgers such as ostrich and kangaroo.





I played it safe with their Black bean Veggie Burger.



It was a simple veggie burger made of black beans and corn salsa, served on a whole wheat bun with lettuce and onion. It was flavorful, and I didn’t miss the meat at all. I’d order it again.



Our table also shared a small order of fries.

After our meal we returned to battle of the bands with 4 more hours until Fallen Risen was supposed to play. It was a long 4 hours. Finally, it was time for their band to start setting up, and I got to atch my brother do what he loves.





When it came time for them to play, I worked my way to the front of the crowd to cheer him on.





They rocked!! i was so proud of my little brother and the band! And if I wasn’t already proud to have a rockstar as a brother……..THEY WON!! Yes, out of 8 or 9 (not really sure how many played?) they won Battle of the Bands! This is one proud big sister right here!

Now I’m off for an ealry celebration with my grandparents for my 18th B-day next week! We’ll chat later!

I want to know….

Have you ever been super proud of one of your siblings accomplishments? 


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