Guest Post: Eating Deliciously Healthy

Happy Monday Folks! Boy, have I been busy getting ready to leave for college! I hope to get some fun posts up soon, but today I have a great guest post for you today from Dr. Roger’s Weight Loss Centers. This is my first guest post to put on the blog, and I’m so excited! I hope ya’ll enjoy!

Eating Deliciously Healthy

Too many people equate “healthy” eating with “boring” eating. However, it doesn’t have to be that way! Just because you’re trying to eat healthy doesn’t mean you have to stick to plain salads, carrot sticks, and yogurt all the time. There IS a way to eat healthy and still enjoy tasty, delicious food every day of the week.


Need help eating deliciously while on a diet? Follow these tips:

  • Find inspiration. You don’t have to come up with your healthy meals on your own. There are tons of healthy eating blogs, websites, and recipe books that offer new and fun ideas for cooking light. Check these out on a regular basis, and keep your menus fresh, unique, and exciting.
  • Keep agave nectar on hand. When you’re eating healthy, you should always make an effort to lower the amount of sugar you’re consuming. Unfortunately, foods with no sugar in them are often bland and boring. Agave nectar can help. This low-cal sweetener is like a healthy version of honey; it adds a little zing and flavor to boring meals.
  • Buy some berries. Always keep berries in the house when you’re on a mission to eat healthier. Berries can be a tasty addition to almost any meal. Use them in the morning in a bowl of whole wheat oatmeal or cereal, throw them in a salad for lunch, and make them into a smoothie for a late-night snack. The options are endless!
  • Make faux desserts. Are you a sweets lover? Can’t imagine getting through a week without a cupcake, cookie, or other sweet treat? Then trick yourself! Make some faux desserts that help you feed those cravings, but don’t come with all the calories. If you like cupcakes, try making a healthy alternative, like these strawberry yogurt muffins. If you like the crunch of a good cookie, how about making some homemade granola bars, and cutting them into circles? Your body will never know the difference!


Eating healthy doesn’t have to mean eating boring. There are ways to eat light, but still enjoy the food you consume on a daily basis. To learn more about healthy eating or for help in your weight loss journey, visit


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