Early Celebration

The other night we decided to celebrate a few occasions a little early before my Uncle headed back to Hong Kong for another year. He is a teacher there, and is only able to come home for either summer or Christmas each year. Since my birthday and his birthday are in the next month we celebrated both tonight at Babe’s Chicken. Keep in mind Babe’s is not a place for the health conscience. It is true Southern cookin’ with lots of butter, gravy, and fried meat. Everything is served family style, and is all-you-can-eat.

I started of with two small helpings of salad in their secret dressing, and a biscuit.




Then it was time for the star of the meal! My plate was filled with smoked chicken, mashed potatoes w/ cream gravy, green beans, creamed corn, and okra and tomatoes.




Everything is greasy and buttery, but what do you expect from a fun place like this? I always do my best to control my portions at Babe’s so I don’t feel totally weighed down when we walk out, but we all go a little overboard. All in moderation, right?

Now the true excitement of the evening was when my Papa decided he would tell our waitress what we were celebrating. Not five minutes later, half the staff came out singing “Happy Birthday”, along with these stylin’ chicken hats. I decided to embrace the moment, and not be embarresed by the crowds of diners starring.



All in all, it was a fun evening and we were sad to see my uncle head back to his home half-way around the world.


This morning I woke up for a painful 3 mile run. My shins have really been bothering me, so I think I will be taking it extra easy this weekend. I kept a 12 minute pace this morning, while taking walking breaks as needed. I hope to be back to my old running self soon!

I came home from my run wanting a cold breakfast. Even at 7 in the morning, it’s already HOT here in Texas! I had a bowl of plain Chobani, strawberries, wheat puffs, and a sprinkling of granola.  There was also a little PB2 in the bottom of the bowl for extra flavor!



Now, ever since returning from Taiwan I have been fascinated by the Chinese language. I’m in the process of teaching myself basic converstaion for when I return. I already have English as my first language, and Spanish as my second… Why not go for a third? I’ll catch ya later! Have a SUPER Friday!


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