Fun Finds at Trader Joes

It’s Fridaayy!! I’m getting ready for a relaxing weekend with my family. What are everyone’s plans for the weekend?

Yesterday morning began with an early morning bike ride. 



I biked 5 miles while watching a beautiful sunrise.



Biking is becoming one of my favorite past times, I found them very relaxing.

Breakfast yesterday was a usual favorite..oatmeal with banana and peanut butter which eluded any pictures.

I spent the morning doing some work around the house, and having many conversations with my friends from Taiwan until it was about 2 in the morning there. When it was time for lunch I wanted something quick an easy.



Flatout sliders with black beans, mini bell peppers, carrots, and some peanut butter for the carrots. Quick, simple, delicious. 

Trader Joe’s

Now onto the main point of this post! I love Trader Joe’s. i only have one near my house, and two more are soon to open. It’s always fun to see what kind of new things I can find on my rare trips to the store. 




Here is what I found from my trip on Wednesday…

1. High Fiber Fruit & Nut Medley Cereal- Taste like bran flakes, not very sweet.


2. Hansen’s Diet Root Beer- This is some of the best diet root beer I have yet to find!


3. Chocolate covered Almonds and Espresso Beans- I’m pretty sure Trader Joes has chocolate covered anything!



4. Cookie Butter- Need I say more?



5. Mango Fruit & Yogurt Gummies- And the love for mango continues!



Now I just have to control myself around all these goodies! 

Thought for the day;

Do you have a Trader Joes near you? What is your favorite item to buy?



3 thoughts on “Fun Finds at Trader Joes

  1. I’m in San Antonio and we have one TJ’s. Cookie butter is by far one of my favorites but I also love to browse their frozen section for easy side dishes.

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