Clear as Can Be


Good Morning! How is evryone’s week treating them so far? Mine is pretty fantastic!  As I mentioned a few weeks ago in a post, my Mimi was having to go in for some extra tests due to the fact that they thought the cancer had returned in her lungs. Last week while I was in Taiwan, she went in for a PET scan. However, yesterday she got the test results back, abd they were as CLEAR as can be! Thank You Jesus! We couldn’t be happier right now with the great news!


So, onto today! This morning I was up bright and early for an easy 4 mile run. I ran at a slow 10 minute pace, also using run/walk intervals! It feels so good to be running after taking the past two weeks off while I was out of the country!


My shameless post-run selfie!




After my run, I came inside and made a simple, but delicious breakfast. A toasted whole grain bagel with a Laughing Cow Swiss cheese wedge and sliced strawberries. And a side of blueberries!





Now, I’m off to spend the day with my mom and sister. I’m hoping to introduce them to some Taiwanese food for lunch! see you in a bit!


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