Greetings from Taiwan

Good morning from Taiwan. We arrived late last night after 24 hours of continuous travel. I think I might stay here forever just so that I don’t have to get back on a plane! Just kidding Mom!

We were picked up at the airport by some people we will be working with. Once at our hotel they gave us these adorable little pastries shaped like a fish. It reminded me of a creme-filled donut. So good. We were also treated to this mago-apple juice drink. It was incredibly sweet, but tasty.



I am adjusting to the significant time change surprisingly well. I was wide awake at 6:30 AM Taiwan time. After finally getting to shower and clean up after all the traveling I met with a few members of our team downstairs for breakfast. Breakfast foods in Taiwan are not what would typically be considered breakfast in America. I loved how they incorporated so many veggies. Under all the carrots and bean sprouts were some eggs. I also had some steamed cabbage and kale, and toast with peanut butter. I stayed away from the tofu, but I will eventually try some during the trip. I have to build up for that!


We are about to head out for some sightseeing, so I’ll catch ya’ll up with lots of pics and excitement from Taipei City!


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