Not What We had Hoped

Goodmorning! How is everyone’s Wednesday going thus far? Who knows what today is? It’s National Running Day! I havn’t gone on a run yet, but I plan to later in the day!

First, let me catch you up on yesterday. I had posted here about I was heading out for hopefully what would be a wonderful day. Unfortunatley, things went in the oppisite direction. I went with my Mimi and Papa to see her Oncologist. yesterday marked 5 years of the end of her chemo treatments. She had a previous CT scan earlier in the week, and what was to be her final. After 5 years being cancer free, a patient is officially declared a cancer survivor. This is what we had all been praying for. Our spirits fell when two spots appeared in the results. She has more tests in the coming month to determine the exact diagnosis. Please pray that this is just an infection or anything less serious.


She is one of my best friends, and one of the strongest women I know!

After her appointment, we had a few errands to run. It was lunch time so we stopped at In-n- Out Burger. It eluded a picture, but i got the protein style burger, which is a burger without the bun but wrapped in lettuce. We also got a couple fries to share amongst the table.

After a couple more errands, I went home to finish up other tasks before making dinner a few hours later….


Tilapia topped with the BBQ sauce from a recent Foodie penpal


A baked sweet potato with a wedge of laughing cow swiss cheese, greenbeans, and a mini corn on the cob!


The rest of the evening was a relaxing one at home 🙂


Today’s workout:

Even though  was supposed to run for National Running Day, my trathlon training plan had me scheduled for a 45 minute bike ride. Biking is my weakest event when it comes to triathlon training. I’m not good at it, and I’ve never been comfortable on a bike, but I pushed myself to go the full 45 minutes anyways. It was a slow and easy ride since this was the first time I had been on a bike in a long time, and I covered about 4 miles.


Breakfast was a classic favorite with a toasted sandwich thin with PB, and a sliced apple drizzled with thinned PB2!


I am now about to head down to the pool for some sun, and to catch up on my magazines…See ya later gators!


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3 thoughts on “Not What We had Hoped

    • Thank you! That means a lot!
      PB2 is different from regular pb. I think you Dan tell that it is musing the fats, but you can play with the consistency and how much water you add. Sometimes I mix a little bit with regular pb too:)

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