Merrell Down & Dirty Mud Run 2013

Saturday, I made a last minute decision, and I’m so glad I did!



I signed up for the 2013 Merrell Down & Dirty Mud Run! My brother had signed a month prior, and had asked me to join him. However, I just wasn’t sure I wanted to, and was very unsure about my ability to complete many of the obstacles on the course. I went with him to pick up his race packet, and kept thinking about signing up. We got all the way back out to the car before I turned around and went back in to register! 

The next morning was an early one at 5:00. We had a 7:00 race start, and the state park was about an hour from our house. I made a quick breakfast to fule up for the challenging 6.2 miles ahead.



Quinoa cereal with peanut butter and mixed berries was the game plan. Perfect pre-race fuel!

We got there with just ten minutes to spare, and raced down to the start line. There were wave starts, and not many 10k runners so it was easy to make our way into position. The first wave was military personnel, since the race was benefiting Operation Gratitude!

The first obstacle was a water pit, in which there was a net over your head, and you were crawling on your belly throuth the water!



There were many other obstacles including a rock wall, tunnels, rope climbing, tires, hurdles, and carrying a sand bag. 

And the biggest, most important part of the race…. The mud pit. This was the very last obstacle right before the finish line, and it was AWESOME!



This my brother and I after crossing the finish line! Needless, to say we headed straight for the hoses after picture were taken! It was such a fun experience with my brother, and we are already planning our next mud run! 



The finisher’s medals were some really cool dog tags, and I will not be washing the mud off of it! I think it fits the theme really well 😉 Thanks Merrell for putting on a great race!


Now onto today, shall we? Two days later I am still sore, and have quite a bit of bruises on my legs and arms from all the obstacles. I like to call them my battle scars 🙂


This morning started off with an easy 3 mile run. Luckily, it is still cool enough at 7:00 in the morning, so you don’t sweat your face off!




Breakfast was a new one, using Blogilates recipe for protein pancakes. Just use one banana and 2 eggs to make the batter, and cook them in a skillet just like a normal pancake! They were surprisingly good. I topped mine with a crumbled piece of bacon and some sugar free syrup. Served along with some mixed berries on the side.

Now, I’m off for(hopefully) a very wonderful day! More news on that later! Hope everyone’s day is fantastic!



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