Spring Burner Workout

Happy Tuesday! Has it been a week since the last time we talked already? How is everything going? I’ve got a new workout for you all today, so let’s get started!

Before heading out to the gym at 6:30 this morning I ate a quick breakfast for enough energy to get me through the hour.


I toasted a whole wheat sandwich thin and topped it with a Laughing Cow swiss wedge, a sliced tomato, and chili powder. This turned out to be a delicious combo, and can’t my energy up all through workout.

So this is the time that everyone starts worrying about looking great for the summer, so most up the intensity of their workouts for faster results. This workout is sure to make your muscles burn this spring as we work our way into the coming summer months!



I did this workout this morning, and I’m now planning on heading out for a short run. When I returned home, I grabbed a banana Chobani, topped with chocolate PB2 and some wheat puffs.



And that is all I have to share for now! hope everyone’s day is super. Mine’s already off to a great start! see ya!


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