Bye-Bye Wisdom Teeth

Hello! Just popping in quickly today for a quick update. I have had quite a busy week, and lots have been happening. Not too much in the workout department, but as soon as I’m healed(i’ll explain in a minute), I’m planning on starting my Triathlon training! I have a couple new recipes to throw out there, but first anyone want to know what I did today?

Well, today was the day I said good-bye to my wisdom teeth. I had a scheduled appointment for the surgery at 11:30 this morning. If there is anything I hate about surgery, it is that I can’t eat or drink after midnight! I was starving, especially since by the time I was at the dentist I typically would have already eaten breakfast and a snack. Thankfully, as soon as they gave me that glorious medicine, I was out and didn’t know a thing. My mouth was extremely numb, and still is. Not a fun feeling!

Today’s eats have all been of the soft or mashed variety. As soon as my parents brought me home, my wonderful mom went and got me a Chick-fil-A chocolate milkshake. It hit the spot, I ate about half before taking my first dose of  pain meds.


I then froze the other half for later, which I just finished up before typing the post.


Funny to think that this is my first CFA milkshake in a very long time! Sadly, I normally would never allow myself such a treat, which you can read more about here. This thing was good considering my small amount of food choices at the moment.

My mom also made a patch of mashed sweet potatoes, which I have been trying to eat.


I just don’t have too much of an appetite. Funny thing is the only thing I want to eat is ice cream. Well that, and peanut butter, but to thick of a consistency post-surgery. Bummer!


I think the hardest part is that I can’t workout for several days, since I have stitches in my gums. Any suggestions on how to ignore the itch to get out and run or swim? Its going to be a long next few days, but  am going to use this time to be productive with school work, and creating my new training plan!

Hope everyone is having a relaxing Friday!

I want to know:

Did you have your wisdom teeth taken out? What was your favorite thing to eat? What was your favorite way to pass time the first few days?


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