Random workout, Random Meal

Thursday has creeped up on us once again, which means it is almost the weekend! Yay! Today’s workout was another made up circuit by yours truly! There really is no rhyme or reason to how I came up with it, but it gets the heart pumping early in the morning (or whatever time of day you choose). 



This lasted about 30 minutes, which gave me a good start to my day!


Breakfast was another randomness of sorts, which included an egg w/ ketchup, a clementine, and a yogurt mix.

ImageIt did the trick.

For my yogurt mix I used a strawberry Chobani mixed with trail mix and a Quaker breakfast cookie….Image

Yes, you read that right! A cookie made with healthful ingredients designed to be eaten for breakfast. I’m one happy girl!


I had a coupon so I thought I’d try some! They did not disappoint!




I grilled a Boca veggie burger, and sauteed some spinach to make a delicious mid-day meal! I also topped it with a little mozzarella cheese, shredded lettuce, ketchup, and mustard. Served with a sliced red bell pepper, pickle spear, and some BBQ sauce for dipping. I honestly prefer these burger patties over the real deal! 

Now I’m snacking on some strawberries while typing up this post before heading to work! Have a great Thursday!




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