Happy 16th Birthday, Jon!

Happy Sweet 16 to my little brother, Jon!


Today we celebrated 16 years of life for one of the best brother’s a sister could ask for! I made sure his B-day by making some awesome waffles! Cinnamon Roll Waffles that is!


These are not healthy by any means, but we are celebrating so it is all okay. These waffles are a super, simple treat. All you have to do is prepare a box of cake mix as instructed( I used a french vanilla mix), and add 1 tsp. cinnamon and 1 tsp. vanilla. Heat up your waffle iron and cook them each until ready. If these aren’t already sweet and decadent enough, the topping takes the cake waffles ūüėČ To top these off all you need is Duncan Hines Frosting Creations with the cinnamon roll flavoring packet..


Mix the icing and flavoring together in a microwave safe container, and heat for 15-30 seconds. Simple drizzle over the dessert-like breakfast and enjoy!

While the waffles were cooking we let him open up his birthday gifts…




He was a happy birthday boy!!!

We spent the morning working on school work and such before making a quick lunch, and a running a few errands.


Nothing fancy here. It was simple a Lean Cuisine Grilled Chicken & Penne Pasta on top of a bed of lettuce and some extra veggies to bulk up the meal a little bit. Those frozen meals never really feel me up, so I always add something extra to make it a little more filling.

We spent the rest of the afternoon running errands. When we came back home I made sure to get a little bit of a workout squeezed in for the day. I did a hodge podge of different cardio and strength moves for about 20 minutes, and then there were quite a few rounds of Just Dance played for an extra sweat session. I’ve said it before that that game gives you one heck of a workout, while being fun at the same time.

As soon as I had time to freshen up, and my grandparents arrived we headed off to the birthday dinner. My brother chose Cheddar’s, one of our family favorite restaurants.

We started off with some chips and salsa…


I snagged a few with lots of salsa.

While we waited for our food, I might have been distracted by the big fish tank that was right at our table.


For my main entree I had the Grilled Tilapia with Mango Salsa topped with grilled shrimp and a bed of rice, and the choice of two sides. I chose steamed broccoli and a plain baked potato.


I ate all the fish, shrimp, and broccoli. I left most of the rice, and only finished half of the potato. It was really good. It was perfectly salty, while the mango salsa added the right amount of sweetness to the dish. We skipped dessert at the restaurant in favor of some cookies waiting at home.



These are the BEST cookies in the world. They are from Kroger’s bakery. They are just plain sugar cookies that are topped with some kind of icing. Nut they are so good. I split one with my¬†Mimi, and it was the perfect amount to satisfy my craving.¬†OK,¬† ok…… there may have also been a stop for soft-serve ice cream that went unphotographed , and I split that with my mom. Now that I’m¬†completely stuffed, it’s time to watch the new Duck Dynasty episode, Jack!

I just love birthdays! Talk to ya’ll later!


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