Girl Scout Cookies Are Here!

We are over halfway through the week! How is everyone doing so far? I’m am excited this week because on Tuesday we got our order of Girl Scout cookies! This may be one of my favorite times of the year! 😉



This year we ordered two boxes of Tagalongs, two boxes of Do-si-dos, a box of Savannah Smiles(my new favorite), and my old favorite Thin Mints! 

ate 4 boxes of thin mints


I saw this on Pinterest, and thought it was hilarious! And kind of true 😉 I have to agree with Julie over at PB Fingers, that Thin Mints are best after sitting in the freezer! These cookies will become a part of my daily food groups for the next couple of weeks!


After talk of Girl Scout cookies, I think it is only fitting to discuss my workout from this morning. We started off with some arm work:

( 3x through)

– Inverted Rows (10 reps)

-Overhead press (10 reps, 20 lbs.)

-Chest Press (10 reps, 50 lbs.)

– Push-ups (10)

Then it was time for some cardio to get that heart rate up!

(2x through)

– Burpees (10)

-Jump Squats (down and back across the gym)

– Weighted Squats (10 reps, 30 lbs.)

– Box Jumps ( 20)

Last, we moved onto abs:

– Bicycle crunches (25)

– In-outs (25)

-Crunchy frogs (25)

– Reverse crunches (25)

-Russian twists (50)

– Oblique Crunches (25 each side)

It was a challenging, good way to start the day!




A toasted sandwich thin, a quarter cup trail mix, and an egg scramble.



1 egg, 1/4 cup egg beaters, 1/4 green bell pepper, sliced mushrooms, topped with black bean corn salsa. Yummy.


Now it is time for school work, and then a crazy, busy shift at work. Have a great Thursday! 

Something to think about:

What is your favorite Girl Scout cookie?


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