Slowly Meeting My Goals

I can’t believe this weekend has already come and gone! It went by way too fast, and i’m not ready for school to start back tomorrow. I started today off with a 4 mile run. It was on my training plan for the half-marathon, and i’m so glad  got it done. Slowly but surely, I’m meeting my goals in running. But I will get to my ultimate goal of running a half marathon!


A protein packed breakfast after a good run…


A Flatout Flat-bread Multigrain w/ Flax filled with an egg, a slice of bacon, and Parmesan cheese. It was s good and so filling and just what I needed after a workout!   



For lunch it was one of my favorite microwave pizza dishes! Lean Pockets Spinach and Three Cheese Pretzel Bread sandwich. I also had an apple on the side!



I must say that Honeycrisp apples are the best! Crispy and sweet! Yum!



Tonight’s dinner was a Boca Veggie Pattie on an Arnold Sandwich Thin with a Laughing Cow Cream cheese wedge, guacamole, and lettuce. Served with some leftover green beans to fill out the meal.



This was my first time trying a veggie burger and it wasn’t bad. I really couldn’t tell that it wasn’t meat. I would eat it again!


Now it’s time to watch the new season of The Biggest LoserJillian is back everybody!


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