Back to the usual…

Now that Christmas is over, and we are bringing in the New Year, it is time to get back to the usual day to day stuff. No more holiday parties and festive goodies for another whole year. Today I go back to work, and I am still wishing it was Christmas day, but it will be nice to have a regular routine again. 


Last night for dinner we had a goal to get rid of Christmas leftovers since we had so many! I ended up making spaghetti squash for the first time….and it was good, but I don’t think I did it completely right….




I topped it with some pasta sauce, and served it along with some crusted tilapia and leftover green beans. It was delicious, but any tips on how exactly to cook spaghetti squash??

After dinner, my family and I sat down to watch A Thousand Wordswhich ended up being a very funny movie. It’s all in Eddie Murphey’s facial expressions!



I woke up bright and early at the sound of my alarm for my workout this morning. I used Verizon Video On Demand, and chose the Absolute Kickboxing which was tough! All I have to say is that you have to have some serious coordination to do what the instructor is doing. Or maybe I’m just that uncoordinated?? 😉 Combined with the warm up, cardio segment, and cool down it rounded out to about 45 minutes. Not bad, if i do say so myself!


After workout, I quickly made some coffee and put together a simple breakfast.



Half a banana with a tablespoon of crunchy pb in the middle……


ImageAnd a bag of Cheerios to munch on while I type up this post.

Now it’s time to get some chores done and a little leftover homework done before I’m off to work! Almost Friday!



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