It’s Come and Gone

Christmas went by way to fast, and I can only wait until next year. There is just something about the season that seems to put the world in a joyful mood. 

Last night while playing board games I decided to make me a little something to eat.



PB&J, mixed fruit, and a mini babybel light.



I made my sandwich with Sara Lee Delightful Wheat bread, PB& Co. White Chocolate wonderful, and grape jelly. Satisfying, and a good way to en the day!



This morning I did a workout plan from one of my Shape magazines. All it requires is a staircase so I can do it in my own home. No going out in the snow for this girl! It consists of 20 minutes of running/ walking the stairs with a few extra moves ties in. I finished off with 4 sets of these moves…

-100 jumping jacks

-10 crunches

-10 squats

-10 push-ups

-10 triceps dips

-30 second planks

-30 second wall sits

I’m happy with this workout today, and enjoyed doing something a little different!


I actually didn’t take any pics this morning because all it was was a bowl of Cheerios with a cup of unsweetened vanilla almond milk. But, I did have my coffee, and will probably be going back for more after I finish up with this post…



Don’t you just love the mug 😉

Time to get started with my day. It most likely involves a little shopping, and a trip out to my grandparents. Have a wonderful day!



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