Totally with it!

I am happy to say that I am feeling 100% better today, and my voice is almost back! I still sound a little bit like a dying dolphin though 😉 This quick recovery is all thanks to the fact that I got a shot last night…… In the rear! But totally worth it! And since my mom was the one who suggested it to the doctor(really mom?), she owed me ice cream!


We stopped by Braums on the way home for some Cappuccino Chunk Frozen Yogurt! Again, totally worth it!

I am about to head out for a loonng shift at work, so I’m fueling up with a good breakfast!


A pomegranate Yoplait Greek topped with a few crushed pieces of Frosted Shreded Wheats….


A Kashi Go Lean Crisp! These are by far my favorite fiber/protein bars! And I also smacked on a honeycrisp apple unpictured. I think I’m ready to tackle this work day now that I feel better and have had a good breakfast!

Hope everyone has a wonderful Saturday, and remember….. 3 more sleeps until Christmas!!!!


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