ICE! at the Gaylord Texan

Sorry for the lack of posts this weekend. I have barely been home at all, so I am just going to pick up at the highlight of my weekend!

Last night was my work Christmas party! Our amazing bosses took us all done to Grapevine, TX for dinner and the ICE! show at the Gaylord hotel. We went to Cozymel’s restaurant for dinner, and had a buffet of delicious fajitas and enchiladas. After finishing dinner we headed on over to the ICE! show. Every year they do a different theme, and this year it was all about Merry Madagascar; based on Dream work’s animated movie  Madagascar




Inside the ice exhibit, it is 9 degrees. This Texas girl is not quite a fan of cold weather! Fortunately, we were provided with shin length parkas, which helped a lot! We bundled up, but even still I couldn’t feel my toes, fingers, or nose!


Santa’s giant chair!

Even though it was uncomfortably cold, it was something worth seeing and it was really cool! It truly is amazing how these masterpieces are made of complete ice!

After making our way through the exhibit we got to explore the hotel and convention center a little bit. I have never seen such a large hotel with so many things to do. If I stayed there, I would most likely get lost at some point 😉

Around 9 we loaded back onto our bus, and headed home for the night. I always love spending time with my coworkers. It’s the reason why I love my job so much!



I know this must be so boring, bit I once again had my regular oatmeal this morning. It is my favorite breakfast when it is cold outside. (We even got a little snow in Texas last night!!)


1/2 cup oats with 1 cup water, a spoonful of crunchy pb, and cinnamon! So normal, but never gets old!


And a cute little clementine on the side:)


Well that’s all I have so far today! I’ll be back later with my first recipe to post on the blog! Happy Monday!


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