Movie day!

Good afternoon! Hope everyone is having a great day! I am:) Workout: For my workout today I did a 20 minute walk/run interval, followed be 45 minutes of strength training! A mixture of lower back, legs, and abs. I was still sore from yesterday’s workout though! For breakfast it was a repeat of yesterday, so no picture! Boring… I know:/ I finished up a Spanish project and worked on some math homework. Soon.enough it was time to make a quick lunch before heading out to class!



I made a toasted turkey and swiss cheese sandwich on wheat bread with tomato and spinach! Yum! I had an apple on.the side and a Yoplait light to finish up! I quickly rushed to get to class on time! After class my friend and I went and finally saw Wreck in Ralph!


Such a cute movie! Especially since its Disney 😉 I bought a snack size popcorn to munch on during the movie. When I got home it was time to sit down with the family for dinner! I decided to make this new delicious find that I got when I pre-oredered two of Hungry Girls To the Max cookbooks!


Vitapizza by Vitalicious! Let me just say that these are great! I topped it with a little extra spinach and had some ranch style beans that my mom made! One personal pizza has 19 grams of fiber! I just wish I could find them in my local grocery stores! Now its time to curl up on the counch for ABC Family’s 25 Days of Christmas! Tonight Elf is playing.. one of my absolute favorites! And look who joined me….


Bubbles! My sisters chihuahua! Time for movie #2 of the day! Question of the evening… What is your favorite Christmas movie? Do you watch 25 Days of Christmas?


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