Back to reality

Well, I’m back from Walt Disney World, and it was a wonderful vacation! I really believe that there is a sort of magic inside the parks! I stopped blogging the trip at some point last week because I just wanted to enjoy my last few days there without the pressure of posting every night or morning. But I’m back and rested! We arrived back home at about 5:30 last night. We unpacked and caught up on an episode of Duck Dynasty! So funny!
I woke up around 8 this morning and made me some oatmeal. Oh how I missed it this past week and a half! I used 2 sugar-free oatmeal packs, topped with a teaspoon of chopped pecans and a tbs of the best peanut butter I have ever had!


Love this stuff…..


Why didn’t I buy it sooner????? Anyway, its time to decorate the Christmas tree!! This is one of my favorite family traditions. Each year we pick out a new ornament, so the tree is definitley running out of space! My mom got me a very special one this year from WDW…


Since I’m graduating high school this year, she surprised me with a Mickey Mouse ornament in a cap and gown! One of my favorites yet! It’s time to finish up the tree, and help mom with the grocery shopping(nothing in the fridge since we have been gone), and I MUST finish my Spanish paper!
Hope everyone is having a restful Sunday!


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