Mission accomplished!

I managed to take many more pictures yesterday! However, my phone freaked out on me mid-morining, so that meant no camera. Thankfully, my dad let me take pictures with his and all is well!

So, we started our day off at about 7 AM….. No sleeping in on this vacation! Our Disney Dining Plan( DDP) only covers our lunch, dinner, and a snack, so we brought along breakfast stuff for a quick starts to our days!


I grabbed a Clif Iced Gingerbread bar and some coffee, and eagerly awaited for us to go to the buds stop! A little later, we hopped onto a bus headed towards Animal Kingdom for another fun day at Disney! We were able to ride a lot of rides despite the crowds before everyone wad ready for lunch. We met up with my grandparents and headed over to Restaurantasaurus. Try saying that 3 times fast! Every quick service dining area is insanley crowded, nut we managed to get through it without problems. Unfortunately, I did not get a picture of lunch, but that’s okay, because it wasn’t the best anyway. It was a grilled chicken sandwich with French fries, but the chicken was coated in some kind of mayonnaise cheesy type sauce. We also got a cute little cup of chocolate mousse, whick was very good, but so rich! I was only able to eat about half.

After lunch, it was back to the rides, including Expedition Everest(4 times), Dinosaur, and we even caught a showing of Finding Nemo: The Musical! It was pretty cute, and Squirt is the cutest sea turtle ever! šŸ˜‰
About 4 in the afternoon, we were all wiped out, so we headed back to the hotel for a quick rest, before our late dinner reservations.

Around 7 we boarded a bus for Epcot for our dinner at Tutto Italia! It was a nice Italian restaurant with a nice atmosphere, good food, and great service. In Epcot, you must be from the country if the one you are working in at the World Showcase. Meaning we met a lot of friendly Italians here for a exchange type program. They started out the dinner by bringing some basil bread and genuine Italian breadsticks…


(Sorry something is wrong with my pictures so ignore the words at the bottom!!!) I had half a piece of bread and a breadsticks.

For my main course I chose the Pollo al Forno.


It was roasted chicken with lemon on top of farro risotto with pancetta. The chicken was fall off the bone good, and this was actually my first time trying risotto, and it was tasty.

For dessert I chose an Italian classic… Chocolate gelato!


I am a big fan of ice-cream, but this stuff is amazing! I ate half of this, but shared the rest so everyone could try it. We all got something different for dessert.

Everything was wonderful and delicious. We ended the night with an amazing fire-work show before get a good night’s sleep!
Hope everyone has a fun and restful Sunday!


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