Finally here!

We finally made it to Florida after 20+ hours in the car! We woke up at 6 in the morning at our second stop in Alabama. We got ready and headed downstairs for some breakfast before hitting the road.


Plain oatmeal with some peanut butter and a banana. I also had a small carton of skim milk on the side! It hit rye spit and we were ready to get moving towards Florida!
We drove and drive for what felt like forever making a few rest stops here and there…. Grabbed a quick bite at Subway. Subway was one of the very few places opened on Thanksgiving and, ironically, they were out of turkey! I found that kind of funny!


So I got chicken breat with all of the veggies and mustard. Complete with a bag of sunchips!
After a few more hours, we have arrived in Orlando! We checked into our hotel and went straight to Downtown Disney for some dinner and to stretch our legs.


We ate a Pollo Campero, I got the citrus grilled chicken breast, black beans & rbice, and served with warm corn tortillas! Very yummy! Time to enjoy vacation! Be back tomorrow with more fun! Hope yall all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!


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