Ready for Florida!

In less than 12 hours we are loading up in our cars and leaving for sunny Orlando! I’ll be like a little kid on Christmas Eve, and won’t even be able to sleep tonight! Everything is packed( I think!) and ready to go! I’m not exactly thrilled about being in the car tomorrow for 12-14 hours, but I know the destination is well worth it!

 So i slept in this morning, and when I woke up a snacked on some Multi-Grain Cheerios while i worked on packing. Not much of a breakfast, becuase I had a “brunch” planned with one of my friends that is  home from college. We went to Chick-fil-A and I got a 3-count Chicken Minis and a fruit cup. No picture, but it was as good as always 🙂

Afterward, my mom and I made some last minute shopping trips before heading back home, and I was relieved to finally finish packing. What can I say, I procrastinate……..  with everything :/

I did 20 minutes of abs today, but other than that I didn’t have much time for anything else. My dad and I had to take our 2 dogs to the kennel, which is quite a chore(and a workout in itself!)

 I snacked on a Flat-out wrap with some Laughing cow cheese and an apple through the afternoon.


We had to find something quick and easy to make and clean up for dinner tonight, so we picked up some Lloyd’s BBQ Shredded Chicken and heated it up in the microwave.



While everyone else used traditional hamburger buns, I made a salad and incorporated the BBQ meat into it. We have plenty of veggies that I wanted to use up so they don’t go to waste while we are gone! I used all the remaining spinach, sliced mushrooms, homemade black bean corn salsa, shredded mozzarella, and a serving of the BBQ. I used salsa as my dressing. I also ate the rest of my Special-K crackers on the side.



To satisfy my sweet tooth, I enjoyed to of these seasonal goodies….




Well, I hope you all enjoy your evening, while I try to contain my excitement for the trip to come! I hope to update the blog during vacation, and I’m going to do my best! G’night!


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