Loving this time change!

Does anyone else just love the end of daylight savings??? My brother and I were up early at 6:00 AM for our trip to the gym, but it was a lot easier to get up since it really felt like an hour later! Before heading out I grabbed a Clif Z-Bar for some pre-workout fuel.


We did a lot of triceps and shoulder work today, and of course did some ab work! I’m planning on going for a run this evening to get some cardio in today. 

Once we got back from the gym, I cooked me up a Hungry Girl original egg-mug! What a genius idea! Served along with some Special-K crackers, and two lovely cups of coffee!



There are so many things you can do with the egg mugs but I just simply used my egg-beaters, and a laughing cow Swiss cheese wedge! Delicious!!!

Now to get to work on some math homework and maybe watch an episode of Once Upon a Time on Netflix! Love that show (although I have a hard time following the story line sometimes!)

Let’s get this Tuesday going!